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Quinoa originated in the South America region around Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador and it’s been domesticated by the Andean Civilization for human consumption around 3 to 4 thousand years ago, although archaeological research has shown a non-domesticated crop association from 5 to 7 thousand years ago.

The Incas referred to quinoa as the “mother of all grains” (chisaya mama). During the fifteenth to seventeenth century, during the era of the Spanish colonization in South America, the colonists called it food for Indians and forbade it’s cultivation forcing the Incas to grow wheat instead of their sacred crop.

Despite being consumed for thousands of years in the last few decades it’s popularity has grown immensely due to it’s extreme health benefits it brings.

Quinoa has been introduced in the United States in 1982 where it has been cultivated primarily in high elevation cities such as Colorado. Although it has become increasingly demanding in countries such as Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan and China since it cannot be typically grown in these areas.

Quinoa cultivation has spread in more than 50 countries in small and specific areas such as Holland, Italy, France, England, India and Kenya, although it’s cultivation is small compared to it’s original root source.

As it’s popularity continues to grows, more variations of quinoa comes to light from the adventurous consumers creating unique gourmet products for each type of food.

It is a viable substitute for your ordinary carbohydrate food, it is a great option for those seeking to be and eat healthier. Thousands of products nowadays are made with quinoa such as beverages like beer, cereals, breads, granola bars, pasta, soups and even crackers.


1. Quinoa is Incredibly Nutritious 

2. Quinoa Contains Potent Bioactive Substances Called Quercetin and Kaempferol

3. It is Very High in Fiber… Much Higher Than Most Grains

4. Quinoa is Gluten Free and Perfect For People With Gluten Intolerance

5. Quinoa is Very High in Protein, With All The Essential Amino Acids That we Need

6. Quinoa Has a Low Glycemic Index

7. It is High in Minerals That Most People Don’t Get Enough of, Especially Magnesium

8. Quinoa May Have Some Major Benefits For Metabolic Health

9. Quinoa is Loaded With Antioxidants

10. Quinoa Has Several Important Characteristics That Make it a Weight Loss Friendly Food

11. Quinoa is Easy to Incorporate Into Your Diet

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