Cocon Mango Nata Decoco Pudding 6 Cups x 80g

Cocon Mango Nata Decoco Pudding 6 Cups x 80g
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Pudding is a kind of food that can be either a dessert or a savory dish. The word pudding is believed to come from the French boudin, originally from the Latin botellus, meaning "small sausage", referring to encased meats used in medieval European puddings.[1]

In the United Kingdom and some of the Commonwealth countries, the word pudding can be used to describe both sweet and savory dishes. Unless qualified, however, the term in everyday usage typically denotes a dessert; in the United Kingdom, pudding is used as a synonym for a dessert course.[2] Dessert puddings are rich, fairly homogeneous starch- or dairy-based desserts such as rice pudding, steamed cake mixtures such as Treacle sponge pudding with or without the addition of ingredients such as dried fruits as in a Christmas pudding.[2] Savory dishes include Yorkshire pudding, black pudding, suet pudding and steak and kidney pudding.

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