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  • Knee care massager for most comfort and help you relaxed.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Increase a richer blood supply to tissues.
  • Reduce edema and stiffness in joints and pain relief.
  • Design according to shape and features of knee joint.
  • Increase tensile strength of tissue repair.
  • Resolve inflammation.
  • Three-dimensional massage as well as direct laser irradiation on your knee and joint cavity.
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Knee Care Laser Massager is combining three-dimensional vibration technology and laser irradiation and its surrounding soft tissue. It increase local blood supply, strengthens the power of soft tissue, and normalizes the function of the knee.

Instruction of different mode

Mode 1- Mode 4: Suitable for infectious diseases and non-ineffective knee diseases. You can select from mode 1 – mode 4 based on your own health conditions.
Mode 5: Knee damage or injury (you cannot choose vibration mode, especially for serious knee damage or injury patients).

Operating Instruction

Put the Knee Care Laser Massager on the surface of the knee and make the machine fixed with the patella properly. Recommended usage is 5-10 minutes for each time, once or twice a day.

General Specification
What's in the box 1 X Knee Care Laser Massager 1 X Power Adapter
Weight (KG) 1.7 kg
Warranty No
Size 23cm x 22cm x 25cm
Delivery Option International shipping charges apply. Standard delivery from 2 to 6 working days for Malaysia

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