Mri NO2 Full Cycle - 150 Caplets

Mri NO2 Full Cycle - 150 Caplets
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Product Description

FULL CYCLE PERFORMANCE* Supports Muscle Protein Synthesis* Drives Extended Training Performance* Supports Mitochondrial Energy* Inhibits Arginase for Optimal NO Production* From its very inception, NO2 BLACK revolutionized performance supplementation. Now, after years of dedicated service, the classic NO2 BLACK formulation has been fully upgraded. NO2 FULL CYCLE is everything you expect from NO2 Black and more! NO2 FULL CYCLE drives NO optimization on four powerful fronts; feeding, fueling, protecting and generating muscle. First, the L-Arginine precursor, L-Citrulline, effectively "feeds" more L-Arginine into the NO - production matrix. Second, premium sources of L-Arginine provide the "high octane" base that fuels NO conversion. Third, L-Norvaline helps combat the Arginine-converting enzymes to help support greater reserves of NO fuel. Fourth, the NO generating NOS "factories" are upregulated on two fronts, yielding up to 1250% more nitric oxide.*^ THE QUAD CYCLE OF TRAINING PERFORMANCE The name says it all: NO2 FULL CYCLE. This is the power of the NO2 BLACK legacy formula, "super charged" to impact the full, quad cycle of training performance. NO2 FULL CYCLE helps optimize training and recovery potential through all four phases of a muscle-stimulating workout session.* Before a workout even begins, muscles are primed for performance by nitric oxide induced, nutrient-surging blood flow fueled by NOS upregulators and NO precursors.* As the high-intensity phase engages, key nutrients help delay muscle fatigue, amplify workout capacity and sustain peak power.* Then, L-Carnitine and Grape Seed Extract help drive skeletal muscle bioenergetics by promoting efficient fat-to-fuel conversion and oxygen utilization.* Before the workout comes to a close, protein synthesis has already engaged - preparing muscles for optimal post-workout recovery and growth.*

Product Dimensions(LxWxH) : 8x8x14cm ; 340 g 

General Specification
Product Code YPJ45O4P
What's in the box 1 x Mri NO2 Full Cycle - 150 Caplets
Weight (KG) 1kg
Warranty No Warranty
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