Mamee Chef Lontong Flavour Instant Noodles (3 x 84 g)

Mamee Chef Lontong Flavour Instant Noodles (3 x 84 g)
  • Brand: MAMEE
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Made in Malaysia
  • has a satin-like look to it
  • light and fluffy texture
  • RM 10.00 RM 9.00

The garnish sachet has lots of vegetable and some delicious chili! Quick and easy to make noodles in delicious sauce. This is one of Mamee’s new Mamee Chef line of premium instant noodles. They use a technology that emulates ‘la mian,’ orhand-pulled noodles.Therefore,the noodles came out extremely nice – gauge and texture are magnificent – Nice chew and mouth-feel Different garnish sachet than others. 3) The broth is superb. The garnish was nice – it included green onion as well as other delicious material. The powder soup base,which has a very light and fluffy texture.

General Specification
Model T-MAMEE-012
What's in the box 1 X T-MAMEE-012
Weight (KG) 0.3 KG
Delivery Option Cash on delivery not available. International shipping charges apply. Standard delivery from 2 to 6 working days for Malaysia

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