• Brand: ZEBRA
  • Availability: In Stock
  • High Quality Stainless Steel SUS 304 & Food Grade
  • Consists of 18 cm,20cm,22cm,24cm,26cm and 28 cm of sizes pots.
  • Heat resistant bakelite handle, safety and good grip
  • Various sizes of pot and suitable to various sauces and dishes .
  • Durable; Reliable,highly versatile and long lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • RM 1,200.00 RM 878.00


- First use Wash at least 2 times. 

- Use dishwashing liquid and sponge to clean and wipe dry immediately after use. 

- Do not soak or touch acid or salt or concentrated alkaline, such as fish sauce, lemon juice, 

Vinegar - Do not use friction steel cleaning. 

- Do not use excessive force to avoid loss of food value. Or other damage 

- Always use a fireplace to suit the size of the container 

- do not boil dry food. Because it may cause. Stainless steel burns. And performance deterioration. 

- Do not put food or water more than 3 parts. 4, because it will make the water or overflowing food when it boils. 

Precautions for safe 

- the product pot for the purpose of cooking food should not be used for other purposes 

- to check and repair products, such as handles and ears lid in its strength before every use 

- required. Wear protective gloves before lifting or holding containers while cooking. Or while still hot 

- be careful Heat from steam that eats when boiling water 

- Do not let the water dry until month 

- Be extra careful Do not let children or individuals with physical or mental defects. Access containers while still hot. 

• Zebra means quality and is a trusted brand from Thailand

• Everything is made to last 50+ years

• Made in Bangkok in their ISO 9001 certified factory

• Every product that Zebra Thailand manufactures is the highest possible "Quality"

General Specification
Model ZSPS-001
What's in the box 1 X ZEBRA SAUCE POT SET 18/28
Weight (KG) 9.1 KG
Product Material STAINLESS STEEL
Size 34 CM X 34 CM X 43 CM
Delivery Option International shipping charges apply. Standard delivery from 2 to 6 working days for Malaysia

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